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Workforce Solutions / Marketing Campaign

Workforce Solutions – Rural Capital Area is a community partnership providing no cost recruitment and employment services to businesses and job seekers in the Rural Capital Area of Texas. Through the Rural Capital Area Workforce Development Board, WSRCA offices give employers and job seekers access to local workforce solutions and statewide services in one location.


WSRCA needed a printed marketing campaign that would connect to individuals seeking employment in rural Texas. The posters, brochures, and hand-out cards were placed within food banks all over Texas and our audience was very diverse consisting of; Americans, Latinos, Chinese, Russians, and Vietnamese. Many of these individuals are immigrants, so I therefore designed each of the marketing pieces in 5 different languages in-order to target as many individuals as possible.


When it comes to designing a marketing campaign I will ensure that your message is clear, compelling, and consistent. I absolutely love when a design becomes “one” even though it has been implemented across a wide platform of posters, brochures, and hand-out cards. Designing a printed marketing campaign goes beyond placing a logo on all of your materials. The consistency and strength of your message comes from the copy writing, typography, colors, graphics, composition, and photography that is used in unison throughout the materials.


WSRCA received over 1,000,000 posters, brochures, and hand-out cards which they distributed to their 8 locations across Texas. The various locations then stocked many food banks across Texas, in-order too help individuals seeking employment. View the entire project at

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